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Saskatchewan Hamfest 2011

Hamfest 2011 - July 9th - Pike Lake Community Hall

Sponsored by

The Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club


The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League

Saskatoon Repeater information

(Primary Repeators)
146.970 (-600)
100 hz
146.640 (-600)

Talk in frequency for Hamfest 146.640

If this is not workable on the road to Pike Lake try 146.970.
If repeater coverage does not work, try 146.520 simplex.

How to get to Hamfest

[GPS coordinates: +51.91272, -106.821656]

Map 1
Saskatoon to Pike Lake aprox. 35 km.


Map 2
Turn into the Village of Pike Lake and go to the Community Hall


Plike Lake Community Hall
Pike Lake Community Hall


Pike Lake Community Hall -2
You have arrive at Saskatchewan Hamfest 2011

* * * *

More Pike Lake information:

Discover Pike

Pike Lake Provincial Park

Information On Hamfest 2011

Detailed information  available on the Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club website .


The hamfest location is next to the Pike Lake Provincial Park if you are interested in camping near by. Pike Lake is a Reserve-a-Site park. To reserve a campsite: Information or to access the online form

Night Owl Cabins Rentals

These are cabin rentals only - unlike like a hotel, you have to provide everything you need - bedding - dishes - pots & pans - Cabins Rental Information


There are many Hotels available in Saskatoon about a 30 minute drive from Pike Lake. The Closest Hotel is the newly built Best Western Plus Blairmore , located on the west end of the city just off Highway 7 on the way to Pike Lake.

Best Saskatoon Hotels

See you at Saskatchewan Hamfest 2011 - 73 de VE5KC