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Yaesu FT-817 Information

FT-817 Information & answers to common questions


** The FT-817 can be widebanded with software! * *
(Does not apply to the FT-817ND)

There are some free programs available that work to open up the transmit range of the FT-817. I tested this on the radio to confirm that widebanding does work. I used the Windows program WideBander v4. There is another program called SoftJump, a command line (DOS) type program, which I did not try.

All testing was done with a shielded dumbly load attached to the radio so very little RF was radiated. (No laws were broken while I used the FT-817 as a signal generator.. hi..) The results are shown below.

Widebander info and download links:

Widebander Program - FT-817 WidebanderV4.exe

If you need - MSCOMM32.exe

Widebander Instructions - WidebanderV4.pdf

My widebanded FT-817 TX results:

   1.8 Mhz -  33.0 Mhz
 34.0 Mhz -  56.0 Mhz
140.0 Mhz - 154.0 Mhz
420.0 Mhz - 470.0 Mhz

* Power output not guarantied to meet specs on all frequencies.

No Permanent changes to radio - set back easily to default band plan!

Widebanding the in this way makes no Permanent changes to the radio. To set it back to the factory band plan you can do a full reset or run Widebander and press the button to put your radio back to standard. It just that simple and it really works. You can also use Widebander on the FT-857 and FT-897..

A CD will be included with this and other program. Just run the program, using the Computer interface cable. No need to open the radio, just run the software on your computer. This also means you can easily reset the radio back to the factory default. This will give you the 60m US 5 Mhz. channels plus MARS coverage and more.


FT-817 - FT-817ND - What's the difference?

- includes the 60m US 5 mhz. channels
- requires a hardware modified to expand transmit range
- Shipped with a rechargeable battery pack
- Display can be set to three different colors

- does not have 60m US 5 mhz. channels
- transmit range could be extended with software - (the FCC didn't like this)
- Display can be set to two different colors
- included the AA battery holder only, no rechargeable battery pack



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