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Originally known as "Automatic Position Reporting System" but renamed by its creator, APRS is an amateur radio based digital communications system for local, regional, or long-distance (as in the case of HF APRS) tactical, real-time exchange of information among all members of a net, including map based displays for situational awareness. It was developed by Bob Bruninga ( WB4APR ), who currently works at the United States Naval Academy.

APRS is used to transmit real-time information such as messages, bulletins, announcements and the locations of any stations or objects via amateur packet radio protocols. Real-time reporting of station position for mobiles is facilitated using the Global Positioning System. APRS is capable of transmitting a wide variety of data including weather reports, short text messages, radio direction finding bearings, telemetry data, and storm forecasts. These reports can be combined with a computer and mapping software to show the transmitted data superimposed on a variety of map displays.

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