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Battleford, Saskatchewan


  Grid Square - DO52UR  

The 2013 Saskatchewan Hamfest

Was hosted by the Battlefords Amateur Radio
Association in Battleford Saskatchewan on July 27.

Hamfest was a sucess, we all had a great time!
Information on major prize winners and pictures
Sask Hamfest 2013

Silent Key – Bill Slaughter VE7WS

Bill Slaughter - VE7WS passed away May 18th., at the age of 73. We send our deepest sympathies to his family. 

Many amateurs in Canada but especially in the west, knew and have done business with Bill over the years. Bill operated Burnaby Radio for over 20 years and prior to this was involved with an early Ham Radio company, Glenwood Trading.

I can remember doing business with Bill at Glenwood Trading back in my early days as a new Ham. Bill attended several Saskatchewan Hamfests where I got to meet him in person. Through Bill, Burnaby Radio was one of the last Amateur Radio dealer to attend our Hamfests in many years. I purchased my current HF rig, a TS-590 from Bill when they first became available in Canada. I was pleasantly surprised when I called. He told me that as a long time customer he was giving me a special discount price... And it was a special price, much cheaper than any other dealer, even in the US. He told me that he knew I had dealt with him for a long time and could remembered me from back to the Glenwood Trading days.

Bill was a real gentleman whose word could be trusted. It was always a pleasure to talk with him on the phone and even better when we met in person. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to have a QSO on the air. Bill will be miss by all who know him!

Burnaby Radio was Bills passion and as his age advanced and despite medical problems, he had kept the business running, even when it meant reducing the days of operation.

What will happen to Burnaby Radio? Bill has had some help in keeping things going for the past few years. So far, it sounds like Mike - VE7HMW, who has been working in sales and service for several years, will try to keep things running. I think Bill would be happy to have things keep going...

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